Evolux Asia Led Lighting in Malaysia offers the latest cost-saving, energy-efficient lighting solutions for residential, corporation, industrial facilities, warehousing, car parks, street light, retail, mall, complex, office buildings and many more.


LED lights are rapidly gaining acceptance as the ultra-low-energy option for many applications and the list are growing every year.


Here are some of the key benefits from LED lights:

  • lower power consumption.
  • maintenance hassle free.
  • plug & play application.
  • longer lifespan.
  • no more frequent change of lights.
  • cooler operating temperatures.
  • limitless design capabilities.
  • brighter and nicer light output.
  • massive savings of electricity bills in long run.


LED lights can significantly reduce your lighting electricity bills in the shortest period of time by simply switching your current traditional lights to the right LED lights application.Guaranteed!


Evolux Asia are here to provide you with a greener future whether it is an Internal or External lights application.

Evolux Asia Led Lighting in Malaysia


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