Evolux Asia is a company that provides a specific business solution that enables organizations or end users to gain long term benefits with a guaranteed return of investment in the shortest period of time.


We are specialized in both LED Lightings Solutions & Construction and Renovation 

Evolux Asia 

In a competitive world, organizations needs to be on their toes to streamline their operating cost because keeping even a little amount of cash will add up in long run. Many organizations are trying to find ways to decrease costs and boost income without compromising on the value of their items or services, and even their employees.
Improving energy efficiency within an organization can provide real benefits. Not only will it help to reduce impact on the environment, but it will also save money. If your business are looking for options to streamline costs and offset it against less attractive cutting measures, then you need to put a clear LED lights system in place to manage this.
Business owners worldwide recognize the benefits derived from implementing energy saving initiatives in their organizations, in an attempt to reduce energy bills and improve their green image for their customers.
By implementing our LED lights business solutions, organizations can reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint tremendously, thus contributing to their CSR activity.



Our EA LED Lights not only can help you to adopt smart investment, as we are highly committed to support Malaysia Green Building Index, Global Green Initiatives in Energy Saving, Reducing Carbon Emission, thus providing Green Energy Solutions in all our products that we market.

Our Construction and Renovation team of experts are highly experienced with more than 20 years in operation in home building, home improvement and renovation works. We are a complete service provider that strive for exceptional quality in every renovation that we do. That is why you can confidently trust us to deliver superior values and results, with professional and personal services to help you to mange your construction and renovation budget, as well as to provide innovative and sustainability solutions for your dream home.